Friday, May 15, 2009

Make Money With MoreNiche Affiliate Program

This is related to my last post "How To Make Money Over $100 In Just 15 Minutes Online". Here i will elaborate further each of the affiliate programs that are mentioned in the above post.

A. MoreNiche Affiliate Program

MoreNiche is a premium affiliate network, which gives you the opportunity to dramatically increase your online presence and sales revenue. Small, medium and large multinationals are using our platform to provide affiliates with the opportunity to earn commissions for sending them customers.

You will be promoting Weight Loss Products, Make Money Products, Gaming Sites and Adult Products which are paying you commissions from $20 - $175 per sale.

When your products/services are integrated into the MoreNiche™ affiliate network all the affiliates are given a unique link. This link identifies the traffic they send to your website(s). When the customer completes the desired action (sale, e-mail capture, phone call) they are credited with the commission that you set.

It is free to join and you get $45 from MoreNiche itself that is aside from your commissions from the sale you make. This $45 is broken down as follows:

$15 for joining
$ 10 for uploading your links
$ 10 for sending 100 people through your links
$10 for posting on the forum

You will be rewarded with $20 + 5% commission for life on every friends you referred to MoreNiche.

Support are all provided in real time.

For more information visit the site here:


other programs will be discussed next posting...


Friday, May 8, 2009

How To Make Money Over $100 In 15 Minutes Online

How to make money online is A Million Dollar Question, and Millions of people are asking and searching for this answer everyday! I will show you how in the next 15 minutes you will earn over $100 dollars! ($145.00 to be exact) with the potential to earn thousands more! and a passive income for life!. It's really no secret when you know how! People are making ridiculous amounts of money everyday using these programs!

Sign up to the companies below and you will earn in excess of $100.00 ($145.00 to be exact!) just for signing up..Refer others and your revenue will grow and grow giving you a passive income for life. Receive additional revenue every time the ads you have placed on your pages are clicked! People are earning thousands of dollars a month for nothing!... Don't be left behind!

What else do I Have To Do? Nothing! Just choose sign up on the four (4) sites below and place their banner codes on your web-pages and the job done! your in now in potential big business.

Visit The Websites Below To Get Started

MoreNiche: Earn $45.00! just for joining! They have a vast selection of products to promote. Earn 5% off your referrers for life! Earn hundreds of dollars commission per sale!Visit Website Here

WidgetBucks: for publishers and bloggers: ad widgets that your visitors will actually click on! Very reputable company. Earn $25.00! Visit Website Here

PartnerGaming: Has great referral program and is one of the biggest companies in the gaming business. Earn $50.00! Visit Website Here

iDevDirect: Another great affiliate company with Pay-Per-Sale 15% for each sale you deliver. Earn $25.00 Visit Website Here

TOTAL $145.00! FREE! and that's just the beginning!


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