Friday, January 9, 2009

Invest In Take Your Level: Your Road To Financial Freedom

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Take Your Level is a New Linear Matrix System which grants You fortune no matter what you do. You will get be granted $2,097,151 with only $1.00 investment.

How Does It Works?

Just open a Free Account. Then login to your account and buy a ticket ID on any active Level. This is your ticket to make money..! Minimum investment is the price of the First Level=$1.00. If You buy ticket ID on higher Level you will get rich faster. Buy as more tickets as You can. See Illustration below: Each Level has its corresponding price.

Level 1 = $ 1 Level 14 = $ 8,096 Level 15 = $ 16,384
Level 2 = $ 2 Level 13 = $ 4,096 Level 16 = $ 32,768
Level 3 = $ 4 Level 12 = $ 2,048 Level 17 = $ 65,536
Level 4 = $ 8 Level 11 = $ 1,024 Level 18 = $ 131,072
Level 5 = $ 16 Level 10 = $ 512 Level 19 = $ 263,144
Level 6 = $ 32 Level 9 = $ 256 Level 20 = $ 524,288
Level 7 = $ 64 Level 8 = $ 128 Level 21 = $ 1,048,576

More investments means more Ticket ID's you own. Each Ticket ID (Level investment) grant you total $2,097,151 when that ticket live Level 21. That's not all. Your account will be funded daily starting with $1.00 to $1,048,576 (amount of lower Level) when any of Your Ticket ID's change a Level (from lower to higher Level).

Every day, fully automatic payments !!! You don't need to promote this page to earn. But we strongly recommend that you promote this page anywhere and motivate people worldwide to join our revolutionary system. More people we get - speed up of paying money to your and to all other accounts will be increased, and more Millionaires we will produce in shorter time.

Extra Earnings

Take Your Level offers extra earning to the members as well. You can chose from Paid To Read, Paid To Click, Paid To Sign Up, and Link Box. To qualify, you need to be a Take Your Level Member and have at least $1.00 ticket purchased to gain Extra earning. Real time statistic available. Earning amount greater than 1 USD cent is automatically added to your main account and you can then use this earning to purchase additional Level. You don't need to take money from your own pocket just to buy an additional Level. Here $1 is all that it takes! Don't wait, act now !

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Lilian January 24, 2009 at 12:09 PM  

wow at last my comment box is ok now! you are welcome to leave your comments now! thanks to for soling it out...

Vinay Rai January 28, 2009 at 4:46 PM  

I want to know more about it .Seems to good to be true.

theincometeam February 4, 2009 at 4:09 AM  

Hi Lilian.

There is another system that is similar, but costs more.
The payout is larger and quicker though.

There is more info at Push Button Xtreme


scarletbreeze February 6, 2009 at 7:43 PM  

yea, it sounds too good to be true.. yet another high promising websites? no one knows.

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