Monday, April 13, 2009

8 Killer SEO Tips To Make Money Online

The online marketing is a numbers game. The more visitors you manage to get, the better chances you have to make money online. Of course the quality of the traffic matters too, that is the reason why SEO uses keywords as traffic directors.

1. Long Tail Keywords Work Better.

This is a general truth and also my own experience to make money online. This has something to do with the fact, that if a searcher types a longer search term into the search bar, he has more detailed idea of what he is looking for and this makes these visitors to convert better.

2. The Anchor Text Is Important.

The anchor text is the text in your bio box, which must be a hyperlinked keyword. When another website copies your article on its page, then the anchor text tells to the search engines on which result page it will raise your site.

3. Interlink Your Pages.

The links are important to search engines, so it is useful to interlink earlier posts or pages with the newest one. This brings more visitors to these pages, builds better image and raises the search engine ranking.

4. Link With Other Authority Sites.

The search engines appreciate sites, which have lots of links from other authority sites and a PR 3 at minimum. I would say that the quality of back links is even more important than the quantity to make money online.

5. Write Comments On Related Blog Posts.

To comment blog posts of the related blogs is a very simple way to get related backlinks. It is also a way to learn new things and to keep contacts with other online marketers, and to build brand. Try to write comments on the posts from authority blogs only, because both the search engines and the readers will appreciate them.

6. Put Your Major Keyword Into The Headline.

This helps both the search engines to find your writing and the readers to judge, whether the writing is about the theme they are looking for. Actually the keyword should be among the first four words of the title.

7. You Can Use Header One Tag, Which Has Your Main Keyword Included.

When you think that Google reads your page or writing starting from upper left side, it is effective to place your header one tag close to that place and include your main search term in it.

8. The Keyword Density Must Be Under 5.

This means that you should use your main keyword so often that its share does not go over 5 percentage. This is important, because Google is quite sensitive to judge your writing as spam, if the density goes over that.

SEO is absolutely the best way to get organic and related website traffic. It has also other benefits, like teaching the marketer and the image building.

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