Thursday, February 19, 2009

How To Earn Money With Team Building?

I would like to share with you this new amazing team building program that has been dominating in the internet since December 13, 2008 and until now. The Team Orangemoon... If you are looking for online success and no one else has helped you, then you have just found your answer .... the Team Orangemoon is ready to help you. No sponsoring required!

We are a 'Team Building' program. We are turning downline building on it's head by building the team first. Members are then sent the link to join a tried and tested downline builder program by us, and members can all join at the same time, earning profits for everyone! No more will you have to join a program, advertise and struggle to fill your downline. By being a member of Team Orangemoon you will earn profits as thousands of members join into the same downline.

How our team works?

Everybody on our 'Team Orangemoon' team receives a link of a tried and tested forced matrix, downline program! When we send this link there will be thousands of people in our team ready to sign up immediately!

By forced matrix means that when a level in a downline has been filled, new members spillover into the downlines of other members. ie: In a 3x10 forced matrix, once level #1 of the 3 new positions had been filled, all further referrals from the person at the top of the matrix would spill over into levels #2, #3 etc, filling all vacant spots.

The thousands of members of our team all join under the link and the spillover means that all members will fill all vacant spots in the matrix, earning profits as their downline fills under them with Team Orangemoon members.

We are committed to helping all Team Orangemoon members succeed and achieve profits.

We launch the same program through a variety of phases, therefore building up our member base before the next launch.

Once these phases have launched, our admin team will also begin major promotion of the program which puts even more spillover into the downline and profit for our Team Orangemoon members. With constant re-investment and promotion, the downline will continue to fill putting our members into profit on their purchased positions.

When we launch our next program, those members that signed up last into our previous team program will be sent the link first. That means thousands of members signing up under them earning them instant profits!

Our target is to MAKE SURE that every member of Team Orangemoon earns a profit, regardless of when they sign up into the new programs that we promote.

BRAND NEW - The Team OrangeMoon 'Pay It Forward' Fund.

We now have a fund that is available for those that need help with purchasing their first positions. As a team we will help everyone that joins Team OrangeMoon succeed!

As a team we will all succeed!

Join Us for Free As We Dominate Every Program We Join, Making Profits For Our Team Members Along The Way!"


Hesham February 20, 2009 at 5:29 PM  

Thank you for sharing this great information!

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